About HER.holiday

HER.holiday is an inspirational gender-diverse global community and digital platform bringing women together. We inspire and support one another. Always.

HER.holiday provides a one-stop-shop for women wanting to connect with like-minded women in the travel, health, relationship and adventure industries. Inspirational stories advocating women’s and gender-diverse interests and issues, triumphs and challenges provide insight, encouragement and advocacy for all women

The HER.holiday woman is the kind of individual, inspirational woman we are drawn to. The one we cherish spending time with, travelling with, hanging out with. The friend we need, when we really need one. She is bold. Dignified. Courageous. She embraces life in all its guises. She has a positive, ethical and responsible outlook, is aware of others and embraces the diversity of the world we inhabit. She makes us feel good about ourselves and each other.

She’s often planning adventures, holidays and outings that we all want to be involved in. She relishes friends and family.

If we had to sum her up in ten words, (in no particular order) she would likely be:


But, perhaps most importantly, she is FUN to be around! 


We feature inspirational stories, reviews, guides and giveaways of interest to women. HER.holiday content advocates women’s interests and issues,  our triumphs and challenges. We provide insight and inspiration, offer encouragement and champion advocacy for all women.

We offer exclusive opportunities to our comprehensive subscriber base.


At the heart of HER.holiday is a carefully curated Lifestyle Guide and Directory. This Guide showcases services, business operators, destinations, tours, reviews and products that are relevant to HER.holiday women.


WHO is behind HER.holiday?

Elisa Elwin and Fiona Harper are the team behind HER.holiday. Both are passionate advocates for supporting women to be the best version of themselves. They discovered the true worth of a supportive women’s community during long periods of isolation during the covid pandemic.
While leading the Travel Play Live community from their own isolated outposts in different Australian states, Elisa and Fiona realised the deep-seated demand and desire for women to stay connected, plan outings and provide support to maintain mental and physical wellbeing.
Developing the HER.holiday platform to support, inspire and encourage women has empowered them to build a gateway bringing women together in a global community.

Elisa Elwin


Elisa was born in the USA, lives in Sydney and has a wealth of experience in publishing, leadership and relationship building enhanced by her former career in social work.

Elisa’s publishing company Elwin Media publishes Out & About with Kids, Australia’s leading family travel magazine, and is one of the few Australian travel publishers to have remained in print during the global pandemic.

Elisa has two magnetic, empowered, bold and courageous daughters. She is raising them to be proud, confident young women and never to accept gender bias, calling out discrimination across all walks of life, and treating others with respect and kindness. With close family around the globe, Elisa hopes to reconnect with them soon.
Follow Elisa on IG @outandaboutwithkids

Fiona Harper

Managing Editor

A gypsy at heart currently living in Queensland, Fiona Harper has a background as an author, travel writer, digital editor and outdoor adventurer through her company MiTribe Media. She created Travel Boating Lifestyle from onboard her yacht while sailing northern Australia. Fiona’s online store Mitribe.shop sells her images created into unique designs printed onto activewear, homewares and wall art.

On global assignments Fiona has run marathons, hiked mountain trails and sailed across oceans with adventurous women who continually remind her that ‘mature’ age has little bearing on our ability to achieve our goals.
She has captained five of her own yachts, is writing her third boating guide book and dreams of checking into a beachfront bure in the South Pacific to write a sassy memoir. She plans to still be tottering across marathon finish lines well into her 80’s.
Follow Fiona on IG @careergypsy and @travelboatinglifestyle