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The five main categories are:
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Upload photos, videos, add helpful links to your website or to social media, set an address, hours of operation, provide exact location, allow reservations and bookings directly from
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Advertise on to reach an engaged readership

The team will work with you to help you showcase your product or destination across our website, e-newsletter and/or social media channels. Whatever your budget or preferred platform, we can tailor a solution that suits, from banner ads. giveaways, promotions or social media campaigns.
To find out more, ask for our media kit or contact Elisa Elwin or Fiona Harper

Listings are searchable

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After submission, your listing will appear immediately throughout the website and will be searchable by interested visitors.
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Submit your listing on Maps

Submit your business details for your address to be populated automatically automatically on Google Maps.


Manage your Business Listing utilises a state-of-the-art user interface for your own private listing dashboard.
Keep your business listing updated and make changes to photos, text or any other information whenever you wish.
View data and statistics showing visitor traffic to your listing.


Events Management

Promote your event on directly on your business listing.
Events are integrated into e-newsletters to promote your event to a wide-reaching audience.


Deals & Giveaways

Drive business traffic to your website by offering deals and giveaways to site visitors. Deals and Giveaways may be time-limited and are branded and customised to best fit your campaign.



More amazing features !


Receive and reply to messages directly on your dashboard when a lead is generated via the lead forms.


Take ownership of your business by claiming and verifying with the site-admin and earn the claimed badge to build trust with customers and generate more leads.


Showcase a list of your items or services and offer a beautiful and dynamic menu to your visitors.


Visitors can easily narrow the search results with price, open now, near me (with distance range) and Features (Amenities) and Additional Details.