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Women are increasingly inspired to get outside their comfort zone and try new experiences that a generation (or even half a generation) ago didn’t exist for them. One of the biggest industries to see this change is the adventure space. Walking, hiking, trekking, bushwalking, tramping – whatever you call it in your world – is one of the most cost-friendly, physically accessible, minimal gear-needing activities you can do. 

It begins as trail-time and turns into something far more beautiful and cathartic. It joins women with other women, offers engagement with nature, and allows the chance to connect with the inner self and get off the grid. Trails offer different degrees of difficulty, challenge, fulfilment, empowerment and reward, and participation can change women’s lives.  

We see many women gain confidence and self-belief on the trails. It’s common to hear stories of women who have lost their sense of self through a lifetime of putting others first. The opportunity to take time out on the trail is a gift, and offers a moment to pause, reflect and grow. 

When we started the Wise Women Walking program in 2016, we had goals of taking women on life changing walking experiences. For beginners though, we realised that in order to reach that goal we needed to offer so much more. Following the initial trip, we shifted focus to be more educational. We developed more options for beginners to come bushwalking, and information nights to learn about gear requirements, overnight hiking, and navigation. We became a local tour operator in South Australia so we could create our own weekenders and take women to hidden gems with trails, amazing scenery and the chance to reconnect with themselves.  

We are a tour operator with a difference. Our program strives for positive outcomes for women both physically and mentally – this is what makes us unique – and we choose amazing destinations both in Australia and overseas to achieve this.  

We wander where the wifi is weak but the connection is strong. 

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