Ride Western Victoria on a fully supported multi-day ride


Wild Women on Top connects like-minded women

Wild Women On Top is one of Australia’s biggest hiking communities for women. Joining Wild Women on Top offers a unique opportunity to connect with an epic community of like-minded women and prepare your mind and body for incredible hiking adventures.

What to do on a long weekend in Hervey Bay

FIONA HARPER takes a long weekend in Hervey Bay and discovers an aircraft runway on the beach, military museums and shipwrecks along with a literary hero whose characters come to life in a historic Story Bank.

The best of Washington’s wild places for outdoor women

Seattle, Washington and Pacific Northwest is a wilderness lover’s dream destination. No shrinking violet when it comes to wild, raw natural beauty, we’re talking ancient, gnarly old-growth forests, more island coastline than you could paddle around in a lifetime, waterfalls draped in moss, rivers, streams and creeks aplenty.

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