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Now more than ever it’s important we reconnect or stay connected with Nature.

We seek new experiences in Nature which transform and challenge us – escape, solitude and wilderness.


The more we go to Nature the more we must be aware of our impact. We want to protect what we love, and make informed decisions to ensure the quality of our Nature experience.

I began walking, cross country skiing solo in zoned alpine wilderness, and off track in 1989. SInce then, each time I returned to, or crossed the path of, popular places and tracks it alarmed me that park use has increased faster than the infrastructure needed to sustainably support the numbers of visitors. So I returned to university as a mature aged student to study Ecotourism and Conservation Ecology, in the hope that I could protect and enhance our Nature experience.

Throughout many years of living in Nature and the wilderness, I’ve concluded that the most sustainable way for us to continue our quest for adventure and wild experience is to connect with our whole body, mind and soul. 

The more we are in tune with our environment, the more we can understand and respect it. And the best way to do this is full sensory immersion. 


During one of the more isolated outback stages of my walking tour around Australia, I began to think about how and why we, as a society, have disconnected. We have simply lost touch. We have forgotten the feeling of dirt on our feet; lying in the cool water of a creek; listening to the waves, wind and birds; finding and eating bush tucker and wild weeds; smelling the Earth and all her heady and subtle fragrances; watching wild animals without trying to interact with them. Beneath these basic senses are many others which help to create unforgettable memories of how sweet it feels to be connected to Nature.

Story by: Terra Roam

In October 2018 Terra kicked off Roam 4 Eva, a two-year and 20,000 km bike tour around Australia. Throughout the journey, Terra will share her experiences through video, blogging, interviews, photo galleries and social media. Roam 4 Eva is a platform to promote ethical, sustainable and responsible adventure travel – supporting informed and conscious connections with Nature, conservation, culture and community.

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