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Witness millennia old artworks, sample bush tucker and learn the stories of age-old wisdom with local guides on these Australian Indigenous cultural tours.

Crooked Compass invites Australians to experience Indigenous culture first-hand through immersive travel experiences, led by expert local guides who connect you to the land, sea and sky, and our rich history. Witness millennia old artworks, sample bush tucker and learn the stories of age-old wisdom.
The Australian owned, small group tour operator works with Indigenous guides across all its Australian itineraries, with the goal of promoting the education and respect of Indigenous culture within the wider Australian community.
Indigenous experiences include:

Discover the Pilbara & Coral Coast

Our Indigenous guide leads you through Murujuga National Park, home to the highest concentration of rock art in the world, created by the Yaburrara people and around 40,000 years old. There are up to one million rock art images scattered across the Burrup Peninsula and Dampier Archipelago. Experience a traditional “Welcome to Country” before exploring sacred sites and learning of cultural stories, including the events leading up to the confrontations surrounding the Flying Foam Massacre on Murujuga.

Burrup Peninsula. West Australia

Burrup Peninsula. West Australia

 Indigenous & Wild Queensland

Set off into the Queensland outback with your guide and hear about Jowalbinna, a mountain of cultural significance to the local Indigenous people. Head into the wild to learn about native bush tucker and traditional bush medicine, as well as many other interesting facts about Australian flora and fauna. Experience a guided rock art tour of a 20,000-year-old gallery called ‘Magnificent’. In the evening, curl up around the fire as the sounds of the Yigi Yigi (didjeridoo) echo through the valley, while a spectacular roast dinner cooks on the coals and under the stars.

Magnificent Gallery & Jarramali Rock Art Tours, Queensland. Credit Fiona Harper

Magnificent Gallery & Jarramali Rock Art Tours, Queensland. Credit Fiona Harper

Outback NSW

Access restricted historical sites with your accredited Indigenous guides. Visit World Heritage Listed Mungo National Park, with evidence of man dating back over 40,000 years. Learn of Australia’s oldest human remains, the Mungo Man and Mungo Lady, and how they changed our understanding of Indigenous culture. Visit Mutawintji National Park, with rock carvings, paintings and stencils dating back more than 8,000 years. Bush walk to historic sites where ceremonies and initiations took place. The remnants of fireplaces and stone toolmaking give you an insight into traditional life in the area. Forage for bush foods and listen to the dreamtime story of Mutawintji.

East Arnhem Land & the Wessel Islands

Learn to take only what you need from the land and the sea in this culturally rich part of Australia with a fascinating Indigenous history. Swim through the caves at Mystery Bay and walk through ancient limestone gorges, millennia old art galleries and significant ceremonial places. Explore tropical tidal rivers at Cray Bay and try your hand at spear fishing or hunt for crayfish. Visit Australia Bay at Finger Falls, where Matthew Flinders first referred to the Indigenous people as Australian. See a traditional Indigenous stone fish trap, which caught fish, dugong, turtle, stingray, shellfish and mud crabs. 

East Arnhem land artwork. Credit Fiona Harper

East Arnhem land artwork. Credit Fiona Harper

Working with Indigenous communities is approached with utmost respect to ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement. Health and safety measures are taken into consideration, with travellers not entering Indigenous communities to limit physical exposure, whilst social distancing and other COVID safe measures are also in place.
Cultural sensitivity and educating travellers on declining tribes are key ethos for Crooked Compass and something Founder, Lisa Pagotto, has been dedicated to globally since the brand’s inception. International itineraries include immersive experiences with local, remote tribes in Mongolia, PNG and Pygmy tribes in Africa, to name a few.

More information: Crooked Compass

About the author: Fiona Harper is a Queensland-based travel writer – follow Fiona at Travel Boating Lifestyle

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