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A TPL interview with Nine News Regional Weather Presenter Nicole Rowles

1. As an avid rock climber, surfer and hiker you enjoy being active. What does being adventurous mean to you? To me, adventuring is about packing as much living as possible into a single expedition that has no known outcome. It’s about pushing beyond the little voice inside my head that’s telling me I’m going to fail. Adventure is allowing risk and discomfort to reshape my expectations of myself, so that I can strive towards bigger and better goals. Being adventurous is about discovering how fearless and capable I can be when I am truly free to push myself. 

2. What is the greatest piece of advice you have ever been given? I heard a quote recently from a mountaineer called Renan Ozturk. He said, “Don’t ever leave your truest self behind.” I love the idea of always striving for a way to fight for our most authentic choices, and for the things that bring us the most joy. 

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3. When friends visit from out of town, what hidden gems do you explore? It depends on what their interests are, but one of my favourite outdoor experiences with friends is the Twin Falls hike in the Gold Coast hinterland. It’s a beautiful walk, behind waterfalls, through a cave, and ending atop a plateau that looks down over the beach. It’s accessible and relaxing; anyone can do it! 

4. You are involved in supporting and inspiring women to get outdoors. What is the best thing about being in nature? I think that epic, untamable beauty helps us to remember how small we are. Then, everything overwhelming becomes minor – our worries, our everyday stressors, and our fears. 

5. Have you ever high fived yourself for achieving something you never thought you would? What was it? All the time! Recently, I completed my first multi-day climbing objective, sleeping on the wall for a night. It was gruelling, mentally and physically. I spent a lot of time feeling completely maxed out, scared and teary. But waking up to watch the sun rise from a hammock, suspended 70 metres up a cliff, was an unforgettable moment. I’m so glad I persevered so that I could experience it. I’m still mentally high-fiving myself for that!

Words by: TPL & Nicole Rowles

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