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We love talking with high profile women about their happy places and how they find ways to disconnect from their busy schedules and reconnect with nature. We chatted with Lisa Messenger, Founder of Collective Hub, to discover what helps her stay inspired.

1. Collective Hub launched as a magazine in 2013 and is now a global multimedia powerhouse. Even though you are winding up the print mag do you still reach for one in your leisure time? I absolutely LOVE print. It is my go to almost above all else. With so much online noise there is nothing more relaxing than to curl up in the sun on my couch with a great print mag or book. I think print will always be my first love.


2. You’ve mentioned your Collective Retreat near Byron Bay. Do you have other ways and places that help you take a break and reconnect with yourself? Ohhhh yes. I now have a mobile business so I can travel into regional areas and I’m often off the grid. I like to immerse myself in nature, different cultures, places and spaces for inspiration. I spend a lot of time in Bali to totally chill, relax, unwind and have a bit of a spiritual immersion. I also enjoy wild, action packed adventures like a recent trip to New Zealand’s South Island. I am looking forward to going to the UK, Denmark, Sweden and skiing in France in December.


3. You’ve previously quoted Emma Henderson, co-founder and director of the Beach People who said, “Live the life you want to live now… don’t wait or say ‘once this or that happens, I will be this kinda person’. Be the person and live the kinda life you want today.” Are you living that life now Lisa? Have things changed for the positive since the pivot of Collective Hub? Yes and yes. My purpose hasn’t changed one bit since I launched Collective Hub. Being a creative, a visionary, loving freedom, being in flow, having a HUGE global business with a lot of very big fixed costs just meant I was tied to it day in and day out and stuck in systems and processes. So, I very consciously and purposefully decided to break things for a while and I feel more on purpose and freer than ever. Watch this space – my next book will be out mid next year and is all about how you can work according to your own lifestyle needs. Bigger isn’t necessarily better and there are smarter, more liberating ways to work so you don’t become a slave to your business.

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4. After you interviewed The Minimalists you were inspired to give away six bags of your clothing and belongings, and then an item a day for 30 days. How did that go? Did it change you? Oh so much. The funny thing is that pre-Collective Hub I used to buy a lot of ‘stuff’. I think I was filling a void. When I found my purpose I had this huge urge to be free and unencumbered. I couldn’t care less about ‘stuff’. Give me an experience any day!

5. What’s the one thing that helps you to be the happiest you can be everyday? What do you prefer not to live without? I do love my dog Benny, my partner and our beautiful families but the ‘things’ that I’d miss the most would be plants, nature and because I LOVE working, my ‘yoga’ laptop which goes everywhere with me so I can write whenever I get inspired.  

 Words by: TPL & Lisa Messenger

Images by: Scott Ehler

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