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We live in a time when more and more women are heading out into the wilds and not only conquering real physical mountains and records but internal mountains of fear, self-doubt and insecurity too. We are constantly amazed at stories of ‘everyday’ women who are setting their sails and hearts on journeys of greatness. From first tentative solo adventures or heading out to explore with the kids to expeditions of awe as continents are crossed and mind-boggling heights are scaled.  

Here, our very existence is to support these women – just like you –  in all your adventurous pursuits to travel and play and live your lives to the full. So we can’t tell you how much it makes our hearts swell with pride to read about the daughters out there blazing trails for the next generation – for fun, for friendship, for purpose, for wellbeing. 

Here’s to all you strong women. May we be them, may we forever support them and most importantly, may we raise them.

Jade Hameister

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In April 2016, at 15 years old, Jade Hameister became the youngest person in history to ski to the North Pole from anywhere outside the Last Degree. At age twelve, she completed the trek to Everest Base Camp and was inspired by the courage of two women she befriended on that trip – one who had previously skied to the South Pole solo and the other who had been the first woman to summit Everest without supplemental oxygen.

This inspiration gained from these strong women led Jade to undertake her own Polar Quest. Jade’s Polar Quest saw her cover well over 1,000km across three expeditions on skis, dragging a sled in some of the most extreme and beautiful environments on the planet. Expedition 1 across the North Pole and Expedition 2 across Greenland were completed in April and May of 2016 and in December 2017 her final leg of the expedition was successful across the South pole. 

Aside from journeying through some of the world’s most extreme and beautiful environments on the planet, Jade is passionate about shifting the focus for young women on how they look, to what their bodies and minds can do and discover the incredible possibilities that they are capable of contributing to this world.

She wants to encourage young people to choose bravery over perfection, because “seeking perfection makes us fearful of making mistakes or looking silly. It places limits on us and instead, we tend to play it safe, or worse… we don’t even try. Courage acknowledges that we are imperfect and that we will make mistakes, but we try anyway”, hence her #bravenotperfect hashtag used regularly on her insta account.

As a representative of her generation that will inherit the consequences of climate change, and with unique first-hand experience in these most fragile parts of our planet, Jade feels a responsibility to learn as much as she can about global warming and to play a much more active role in this area in years to come.

We wish Jade all the best with  everything her future holds.

To find out more, head to

Alyssa Azar

We first met Alyssa in 2016 just before her third attempt to summit Everest. She had made two previous attempts to summit Everest. First in 2014 when a tragic avalanche claimed the lives of sixteen Nepalese guides. The 2014 avalanche is the second-deadliest disaster in Everest’s history, only superseded by avalanches that struck the southern side of the mountain the following year, on 25 April 2015, when Alyssa was also there for her second attempt. That kind of thing would be enough for even the most seasoned climbers to call it quits, but not Alyssa.

At eight years old Alyssa crossed the Kokoda Track. At ten she won an Australian Boxing Title and also trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp the same year. She has now climbed on five different continents – New Zealand, Africa, South America, Nepal and Australia with her next climb being in Russia. But her next big challenge is to not only inspire others by her example but to inspire them through her very own program called Mountain Mindset.

“Mountain Mindset is a program where I have mapped out the mindset tricks, tips and systems that I have used to achieve many big goals in life including Mount Everest,” Alyssa said. The program is based on a mountain climb with six stages – Base Camp, Camp’s 1 – 4 and then the Summit. It commences on the first of September 2017.
“The most common questions I get asked are around fitness programs for what I do and then how I have developed a strong enough mindset to believe in myself and to be able to ignore any negative publicity or opinions. It made sense to me that I should share that information and get as many people as possible to follow their true calling and chase their dreams.” “The program isn’t designed specifically for mountain climbing, that’s just the analogy so people understand how powerful this way of thinking can be. The program is designed for ‘the anyone’ to map out and achieve any goal no matter how big or how small. The only true limitation is going to be their mindset, their work ethic and their imagination to dream big. In this program, my mentors and I will help them to uncover things about themselves and the way in which they can change their own lives through a positive mindset, planning, action taking, accountability and resilience.”

If you would like to find our more about Alyssa and her most recent expedition to Everest, head to

Angie Scarth Johnson

Is a 14 year old Australian Champion climber, a bouldering champion, and an international athlete who cites Spain as her favourite place to climb. Angie’s parents directed her to a local climbing gym after an accident falling out of a tree at the age of seven. She harnessed her energy into the sport, with immense growth in a two year period. At nine-years old she became the youngest person to ever to send a grade 31. At age 12, she climbed a grade 34, making her one of the two Australian women to ever climb at this level. Angie continues to push herself in climbing, balancing her school life with her outdoor passions, and is also leaning her interests to route setting, specifically for women in the sport. Angie is also one of the sponsored athletes featuring in The North Face She moves Mountains campaign.

You can read Angie’s previous interview here with TPL contributor Lucy Stone where Angie talks about climbing with deep enthusiasm and confidence.

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In 2018 Travel Play Live has supported two Under 18’s females as recipients of our Women’s Adventure Grant category.  This category was open to young women, adventurers under 18 years of age who like Jade, Alyssa and Angie are pioneering the way for their generation to embrace the heartbeat of adventure.  So, with out further ado meet our 2018 Womens Adventure Grant Under 18’s recipients :

 Eve Dowley


A 17yr old Australian snowboarder from  NSW who is working hard to follow her dreams. She is currently completing her Yr 12 HSC, training on/off snow whilst juggling competitions in Australia and overseas. Read Eve’s 1st interview here

Leah Jeffries


Leah is a 15 year old rock climber from NSW who has been climbing since age 10.  She has always had an urge to climb, from a very early age she would scale tall trees which later led to rock climbing with her dad.  She started competing in climbing competitions in 2015. We are proud to be a part of helping her achieve her olympic dreams. Read Leah’s 1st interview here




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