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People are the constant in all projects. The power of people, through connection, is quite remarkable when you take a moment to think about it.
— Nat (Tribe Leader)

This is an updated version (originally published 2018)

I find it incredible how projects evolve organically from an idea, to a conversation, to a brain storming/planning session and so on. How the people involved, their motivations, attitude and talents play their part in this evolution and whether the stars align or not is largely dependent on the chemistry with those particular elements; the people and what they bring to the table in that moment in time.

People are the constant in all projects. The power of people, through connection, is quite remarkable when you take a moment to think about it.

I hope I have managed to switch you, if only momentarily, away from your busy lives and into the Travel Play Live bubble. I promise I won’t take up too much of your time.

In the short time I’ve lead this amazing Australian grass roots business, that inspires and connects like minded adventurous females, I have realised how very powerful the people within our Tribe, and the wider TPL community, are/could be for our growth and sustainability.

I want to move away from an overly strategic approach with marketing communications and instead tune into you, the wonder women behind TPL.

You would’ve noticed we’ve migrated towards Tribe membership vs subscribers. Why? Because those who join us as a member are part of a much bigger picture far above and beyond a magazine subscription, which of course is included with Tribe membership.

While we know how many of you value the TPL print magazine we want to offer our members much more than just an opportunity to have the full sensory experience of the print magazine. We want you to be involved in how we shape additional benefits going forward.

While this is an absolute privilege, Mel and I, and the team behind us have a smallish window of opportunity to grow this business to the point of sustainable expansion. I mean the sky really is the limit – until the momentum and opportunity is lost.

So I’ve decided to pitch a few ideas to you about how I believe the power of the people in the wider TPL community can significantly fuel our growth and sustainability.

Join. While the income from membership helps top up our operational budget we also benefit from a growth in numbers and reach which keeps us, and our partners, happy. You can check out our membership (includes quarterly magazine subscription) here.

Our issue #14 TPL Happy Place Winner: Chloe

Our issue #14 TPL Happy Place Winner: Chloe

Show & Tell.. If you love the TPL magazine, shout it to the world. Some ideas about how to do this include;

  • sharing one of our posts from our public TPL Facebook page with a short note bragging about how wonderful we are.

  • writing us a review from our public TPL Facebook page. and then sharing with a short note bragging about how wonderful we are.

TPL Life Float.png

  • sending all your loved ones an email with a link to our website or social media pages with a short note bragging about how wonderful we are.

  • have a conversation with your loved ones bragging about how wonderful we are.

  • show off your TPL magazine collection and encourage your loved ones to have a flick through. Heck, run them a bath and hand them a copy to digest while they’re in there!

  • tell your local hair dresser, day spa, float tank, boutique gift store, visitor centre, tour operator, accommodation provider and so on about how wonderful we are and that they should consider subscribing or buying a bulk wholesale box of 30 current issues to giveaway or sell (please ask for our permission first if you intend to sell). Take a picture of the magazine in their shop and send us a copy or share and tag us. Consider Distribution Sponsorship.

  • if you see a copy in any of the above make sure you tell the business proprietor how pleased you are they have the magazine and are sharing it with all their wonderful community and take a pic and share, tag away – yay!

  • If you have loved ones who are female and are adventurous or who would like to be more adventurous we encourage you to encourage them to send us a join request for our closed TPL community Hub (Facebook group). There are an amazing bunch of inspirational females lurking about in that group.

  • engage with our social media posts. Like, love, comment, share to your hearts content. We also find a lot of our Instagram followers love tagging us in their posts including using hashtags such as #travelplaylive #travelplaylivemagazine when they post or brag about a recent adventure they’ve been on.

  • If you know of businesses that would like to promote their products and services to our community of wonder women please consider Distribution Sponsorship.

Gift. When you’ve exhausted all of the above what a perfect gift to give to another wonder woman, a one or two year membership (includes quarterly subscription to our TPL print magazine).

Buy. Next time you’re in town why not pop into your local newsagent and have a look for our title. If you see it, maybe buy a copy for a friend (see Show & Tell section above). We are in 1200 newsagents across Australia now, even some airports yay! If you don’t see it please politely ask the Agent why and brag about us, tell them how wonderful we are. Or Buy a TPL buff or a Back Issue.


Sponsorship levels

$300 + GST
includes a box of 30 current issue #14 delivered to an Australian address.
(sliding scale savings for multiple boxes – just ask us to calculate for you)
Shout out recognition as a sponsor through our digital community and in the next issue of our print magazine.

$200 + GST
includes a box of 30 back issues #1-13 delivered to an Australian address.
(sliding scale savings for multiple boxes – just ask us to calculate for you)
Shout out recognition as a sponsor through our digital community and in the next issue of our print magazine.

You can either;

  • giveaway the magazine to your clients

  • build the magazine into a promotion (ie spend $100 or book a consultation and receive a free TPL magazine)

  • sell at RRP of $14.95 each (please note if you are intending to sell to first seek permission off us. Mostly this will be fine however if you are a newsagent it will not be ok) – you could recover the cost of your investment with change – up to $148 extra.

$45-79 (including GST)
This is simply a one or two year membership (subscription) where you can sign up another business online. The idea is that you sponsor a business to display the magazine in their workplace for it to be read multiple times. Now that would be absolutely sensational.
Ideal for libraries, day spas, hairdressers, cafes, doctor surgery and other specialist health and wellness service providers waiting rooms, gymnasiums, accommodation providers etc.

This is a fabulous opportunity to support Travel Play Live women’s adventure and lifestyle magazine with value in the purchase for your own business or community but also you will assist us in widening our reach and this is good. This is what we need – more wonder women reading our wonderful magazine.

Advertise/ Partner. There are a number of ways that we can assist you to promote your product and or service to our Tribe and the wider TPL community. Ask for our Media Kit & Rate Card which provide a basis to commence our discussion with regard to building a package that will fit within your budget. We are also open to part cash and in kind arrangements and advertising online or in the magazine starts from around $200 + GST. If you are a bigger brand we know you’ll be looking at reach and that is ok, but sometimes it’s ok to support the amazing grass roots Australian businesses, who are slowly building an incredible network of wonder women. There are a number of brands who have fallen into this category over the years and we are so very grateful for your ongoing support as we grow.

Contribute. If you are a great story teller, and want to share your own, or others, adventurous experiences please firstly jump in our Facebook Hub and share pictures of your adventure. Please don’t share from commercial pages. The Hub is mostly a commercial free zone. It’s a place to share and inspire in the most part. If you consider yourself a bit of a decent writer/story teller please send in your story for us to consider including in future issues. natalie@travelplaylive.com.au.

Participate & Win. Our members are winning – becoming a Tribe member.

Did we mention;

  1. Become a TPL Tribe member





There’s five more ways you can support us plus you can save up to $40.60 off RRP AND no extra charge for delivery to Australian addresses.

Lastly, I just wanted to say for those within the TPL community who have become a Tribe member or supported us by way of advertising/commercial partnership. Thank you so very very much. You are the reason we are still around.

Much love to all you wonderful humans!

Tribe Leader

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