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Hang gliding pilot Lisa Bradley is a Chief Flying Instructor in paragliding and hang gliding who shares the adrenaline-fuelled joy of flying with her students high above the Scenic Rim.


After overcoming a mountain bike career ending injury, Lisa Bradley has gone on to become the only woman to teach hang gliding and paragliding in Australia. Lisa’s passion for creating the next generation of pilots has driven the success of her flight school. Ever since she was a child she’s been involved in many adventurous sports. Her flight journey began when she was involved in a road accident whilst training for mountain biking. The driver of the vehicle then took her up tandem paragliding and she was instantly hooked on the sport. After taking lessons at a flight school, Lisa was offered the opportunity to become an apprentice instructor.


Now with over 22 years of experience in the sport, Lisa is constantly striving to learn new teaching techniques and styles. Her teaching style is about understanding people and showing empathy. This ensures students can learn easier and safer and be able to achieve their dreams of free flying.


“I’m a teacher and a flyer, but my dream was always to set up a flight park like Oz Sky Ranch, where people don’t have to travel miles to launch, but can come, stay on site and even bring their family along,” Lisa says.

The Oz Sky Ranch provides a base to fly during the day and sit around a campfire by night, sharing stories. This positive culture keeps people safe and promotes a caring environment.

Oz Sky Ranch is unique as it is the only approved paragliding and hang gliding aero tow flight park in Queensland, Australia. They are the only school that can offer aero towing, ground towing and hill launching courses. These incredible facilities are not the only thing that keep people coming back, it’s also the community and the inclusive environment. Lisa says her favourite part of running the flight school is all the incredible people she gets to meet.


Creating the Oz Sky Ranch is a huge achievement; however, this year has been a challenge. With COVID-19, Lisa had to shut everything down to protect her family and students. This was a major setback financially, however, it gave her an opportunity to think outside the box, train new instructors and work on rebranding the business. They also had the opportunity to refresh the flight park with new turf and trees. Lisa’s constant positive outlook and strong work ethic has driven her success, along with the support of her partner.

Lisa and her experienced team are passionate about these adventure sports and are enthusiastic about sharing their love of flying.

“My passion for flying is as much about teaching as it is about flying. I love making people’s dreams come true as they take to the skies. It’s a feeling like none other,” she said.


 Lisa is looking to further promote the sport and encourages everyone to give it a go

“Anyone can do it, whether you’re young or old, male or female. As the years go on, I hope to grow the accommodation and also offer other activities on site. I also hope to get more instructors on board and continue to grow the sport we all love.”

More information: Oz Sky Ranch

About the author: Fiona Harper is a Queensland-based travel writer – follow Fiona at Travel Boating Lifestyle

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