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“Transformation to Colour”

She is empowered, her heart is open, her spirit untamed and wild.

She is independent and confident, she dreams big and believes.

She yearns for freedom, dancing on the edge of imperative, in the tender fury of reckless moments.

She knows herself.

She understands herself.

She strives for pure passion, in living her full potential.

She trusts and takes great leaps, into new planes of existence.

She is happiness in adversity, and stillness in wisdom.

She reinvents herself and her world, a making of her own creation.

She falls down she gets up, stronger and wiser than before.

She immerses herself in connection and delves deep into the unknown that playfully taunts her adventurous spirit.

She is determined.

She knows what she wants and speaks truth from her heart.

She is generous and kind and empowers others through her own experience.

She embraces her uniqueness and emanates beauty from the sparkle of her soul.

She is energy, she is movement, she is power, she is grace.

She is colour, she is vibrant, she is love, she is light.

She is all that she is and who she chooses to be…….


The Story

Leap of faith. The act of believing in or accepting something outside the boundaries of reason.

This Artwork was created when I took a leap of faith.

My life had become very black and white and heavy with societal expectation. I was lost and inauthentic and that was not the life I had envisioned for myself.

As hard as it was at the time, it was a pivotal moment of change.

Adventure and wild frontiers were calling. 

I left my relationship, my job, packed everything I owned in my car and went in search for broader horizons.

I wanted to feel the wind in my hair and see vistas untamed. I was yearning for a wilderness dance party where I could find my colour, reignite my soul and sparkle vibrant.

It was this moment that led me back to myself.

Artist: Kelly Vains

I am a self-taught, emerging collage artist. I allow fragmented pieces of magazine paper, once whole, to energetically meet on the page to create the final piece of visually challenging art. I connect colours and textures torn and taken out of context, picking and placing them to present a new arrangement.


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