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Leading eco-tourism company Majestic Whale Encounters has developed an initiative for ‘giving back’ to the sensitive marine environments they operate in. As part of their ongoing commitment to minimise their eco footprint they have partnered with charities and organisations that positively impact the environments, animals, and communities that feature in the company’s tours.

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By dedicating funds to programs and charities that align with their vision and purpose, Majestic Whale Encounters has committed to:

  • Committing 100% of all profits from merchandise sales to Take 3 for The Sea and Coral Gardeners. Take 3 for The Sea is committed to reducing plastic pollution and promoting the transition to a circular economy through education and participation. Coral Gardeners, located in Moorea, French Polynesia is a coral reef restoration and conservation program that aims to restore the reefs through coral gardening, as well as inspiring and educating surrounding communities.

  • Pledging $4,500 to The Marine Reserve to ensure the lagoon area to the east of Matafonua and Sandy Beach in Tonga will be maintained, monitored, protected and policed. In addition, this donation will go towards local villages, helping to fund community projects which will in turn see increased growth and income into the communities.

  • Donating a minimum of $1,200 to the Dolphin Project prior to commencing tours to Bimini in 2020. This donation will go towards educating the public about captivity, and, where feasible, retire and/or release captive dolphins. Dedicated to the welfare and protection of dolphins worldwide, the Dolphin Project aims to end dolphin exploitation and slaughter.

  • Pledging $1,200 to the Grace Rwanda Society, a volunteer-operated organisation dedicated to promoting education and literacy in Rwanda. Coinciding with the announcement of gorilla encounters to Rwanda in late 2019, Majestic’s support of this Society will assist in education, community capacity building and well-being of women, children and youth. The Society believes that quality education is a fundamental tool for human development and essential to eradicating poverty and achieving sustained national economical growth.

Each of Majestic Whale Encounters’ experiences is designed to give travellers a true animal encounter experience, without any negative impact. From swimming with humpbacks, orcas and dolphins in their natural habitat to trekking through the Rwandan jungle for face-to-face encounters with gorillas in the wild, Majestic Whale Encounters’ core focus is education, natural experiences, and giving back.

Ocean Film Festival World Tour

Majestic Whale Encounters is supporting the 2020 Ocean Film Festival World Tour, touring Australia until June with Adventure Reels who bring uniquely curated film festival programs like Banff Mountain Film Festival and Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour amongst others, to audiences in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

About the author: Fiona Harper is a Queensland-based travel writer – follow Fiona at Travel Boating Lifestyle

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