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A message for the Travel Play Live community!

In mid 2018 Kez and Amy announced that they were moving on and handed the baton to Mel and I. It really has been an incredible ride and, apart from having the absolute privilege to work for/with such a super human bunch of women, we’re learning so much.

We’re proud of the last four issues we’ve published since mid 2018 and, based on the feedback we’ve received, we know you are thoroughly valuing what the TPL team and contributing community are dishing up.

I’ve now decided to allocate the remainder of the year to plan for 2020 and beyond and therefore advise that issue #16 (October On Sale) will be the last magazine published in 2019.

As we are not yet ready to announce our plans, and the magazine production schedule for 2020, we have decided not to sign up NEW memberships (subscriptions) until further notice. Existing Tribe memberships are not affected at this stage.

Like all successful businesses, even our own individual lives to a certain extent, we often need to take a break and evaluate what we’ve achieved, where we can improve and adapt to ensure our long term sustainability. It’s really tricky to allocate sufficient time for strategic planning when one magazine cycle rolls into the next.

It’s still business as usual. We’ll still maintain our digital spaces and continue to engage with our community through these channels with hopefully some exciting announcements of our plans in the near future.

Please send us a contact form via our website with any questions or queries.

Nat Drake-Brockman
(Executive Director)

PS – We’re running a special promotional offer to Bundle & Save with issues 12 – 15 (Current Issue) or another combination of four issues (subject to stock levels). This is a $10 saving plus we’ll cover the cost of delivery to Australian addresses. It’s the perfect gift for another wonder women and we thank every one of you who has invested in us to deliver real and inspirational content for you, and other lovely ladies, to live a full and amazing life!

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