Walk on the wild side as Aussie women find their inner wild child

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Women across Australia are taking a walk on the wild side, getting back to nature to find their inner wild child

While coffee catch ups and lunch with like-minded women have their place, women are now looking for more adventurous outings with their friends. Enter Women Want Adventure (WWA) with qualified female leaders and community experiences incorporated into women’s adventures for all fitness and experience levels. WWA is about finding your tribe in the wild, supporting, nurturing and empowering modern women to kick off their heels and lace up their boots and get back to nature.

Women Want Adventure is the brainchild of Monique Farmer, a passionate advocate for supporting, nurturing and empowering modern women to get back to the core of who they are, while finding their tribe.

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A former Physical Education teacher who now works on the Children’s Ward at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Monique said women are busier than ever with kids, careers and travel. As life becomes more hectic, barriers have come between friends who miss catching up with each other in a meaningful way.

“As women, we tend to put everyone else last and forget to make time to get away. I was lonely and depressed, and I didn’t have a core group of girlfriends that wanted to do things on the weekend. I didn’t have a tribe around me,” she said.

“Empowering, inspiring and connecting women is what Women Want Adventure is all about. Bringing women together in a safe and supportive outdoor environment helps women change their lives.

“Women Want Adventure has already changed hundreds of lives. Through our outdoor events, women build a sense of confidence or rediscover their sense of self after having kids or having recently retired.

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These days we are living such isolated lives and rarely have time to connect with others. What Women Want Adventure does is create a day or trip experience for women to do something for themselves. Time out. They can be themselves, think about themselves and laugh! And breathe in big lungs full of fresh, soul-enriching air.

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“I wanted to challenge the concept of women just having coffee catch ups, I wanted to offer something more. Nature heals and brings out the best in us all,” said Monique.

Women Want Adventure is unlike any experience. It’s about empowering women to say “yes, I can do this”. On top of that, what’s important for women’s health is connecting to a community- a tribe. Feeling like you BELONG is essential for our happiness and knowing we can do more with support by other women who care and will listen.

“It’s nice to sit around a camp fire with no reception and hear the stories of ladies who attend trips. Some have had husbands pass away, children die, depression, anxiety, divorce… and the list continues. Women constantly tell us “I haven’t had a weekend or day like this for myself in years”. Women can feel like they can escape for a little while with the support from others,” said Monique.

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On the flip side, some women just want to get out there! They want to catch up with friends, have a giggle as they slide down a waterfall canyoning. Not everyone who comes on trips come from a place where they need support, some women want adventure, others want more.

Woman Want Adventure run day, weekend and multi-day trips throughout the year for all fitness and experience levels. From easy hikes, kayaking, swimming with whale sharks to camping weekends- there’s something for everyone.

More information: Women Want Adventure

About the author: Fiona Harper is a Queensland-based travel writer – follow Fiona at Travel Boating Lifestyle

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