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Wild Women on Top connects like-minded women

Table of Contents

Wild Women On Top is one of Australia’s biggest hiking communities for women. Joining Wild Women on Top offers a unique opportunity to connect with an epic community of like-minded women and prepare your mind and body for incredible hiking adventures.

her-holiday-wild women on top connects like minded women1

The backstory to Wild Women on Top

Twenty years ago, Di Westaway was fatigued, fed up and seriously unfit. With nothing but an impending 40th birthday and bottomless washing basket to look forward to, she started wondering: is this all there is?


Then, out of the blue, an acquaintance invited her on a hiking expedition to remote South America. It wasn’t just any old hike… it was climbing Mt Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere. Impulsively, surprising even herself, she said yes. She was a former athlete, how hard could it be?

her-holiday-wild women on top connects like minded women2

The mountain climb was a big, fat fail. They didn’t get to the top. But the experience transformed Di’s life. She realised there was more to fitness than sweaty, soul-destroying gyms or pounding the pavement.


This led to Di founding Wild Women On Top, which is now one of Australia’s biggest and most loved hiking communities for women.

her-holiday-wild women on top connects like minded women3

About the Wild Women on Top community

The Wild Women Community is one of the most supportive places on the internet. Think of us like your favourite bra – not always the sexiest, but the one you turn to for support, lift and unity!


Hanging out with us is like a never-ending girls night, covering everything from periods (don’t forget your Mooncup!) to poles (they’ll save your knees!) to how to fit your backpack to your fabulous female form.


Join thousands of Wild Women who will ‘woohoo’ you as you leap outside your comfort zone… and give you a little nudge when you need it most.

her-holiday-wild women on top connects like minded women4
Lets Keep in Touch

About Coastrek

Di wanted the exhilaration she felt to be accessible to all women, so she developed an event that took the best bits of her adventures (Views! Giggles! Friends! Chocolate! Champagne!) and crammed them into one epic hike along the coastline of Sydney. Coastrek was born!


Coastrek is now Australia’s premier charity hiking challenge for women. You can choose to trek 60km, 45km or 30km along Australia’s most spectacular coastlines to get fit with friends and raise funds for mental health. We have Coastrek events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, and together, our community has walked over two million km and raised over $37m for charity.


Join thousands of wild women (and a few awesome men!) in teams of four as we immerse ourselves in nature for an epic adventure of fun, fitness, friends and fundraising. Get outdoors and get moving with your mates to boost your mental and physical health, while raising funds for Beyond Blue.




her-holiday-wild women on top connects like minded women5

Choose your Coastrek Adventure:

Sydney Coastrek: 25 March 2022


Melbourne Coastrek: 27 May 2022


Brisbane Coastrek: 15 July 2022


Adelaide Coastrek: 2 September 2022

Join Wild Women on Top

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