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Vuly trampolines are perfect for maintaining fitness year round! An Ultra Vuly Trampoline comes with a shade cover, ladder and a 267cm wide mat with an inbuilt safety net. Vuly trampolines are great for low impact exercise for the whole family, enabling everyone to keep fit from the comfort of your home!

Enter the draw for your chance to win a brand new medium Ultra Vuly trampoline valued at $1,333! As a fantastic low-impact exercise tool, this trampoline will make a great addition to your personal workout equipment. The trampoline can be easily set up in your home backyard, garage or on the patio.


Trampolines have proven therapeutic for all ages as they provide a low impact exercise that burns fat and builds muscle quickly. NASA has even said that trampolining is 68% more effective than running! Other benefits range from improved coordination, better balance and posture, increased cardiovascular fitness, and improved core strength.



When you purchase a Ultra Vuly trampoline, it is shipped directly to your doorstep, arriving in four flat packed and easy-to-assemble boxes. Options include a high-quality shade cover and ladder, prolonging the life, look, and feel of the trampoline.

All components are covered under Vuly’s world-class warranty, which will also provide you with the entitlement of half-price spare parts for life once warranty periods expire. The continual refurbishment of your trampoline will maintain its fully functional and safe condition as this piece of equipment is anticipated to be a part of your workout routine for years of at-home exercise.

With a 150kg weight rating, 267cm width mat, and a 175cm tall net, this trampoline provides plenty of room for high benefit, low impact exercises! The jumping space is entirely enclosed, with springs and net poles completely covered in UV-tested, thick foam padding on the outside. The safety features of the trampoline allow for you to experiment into new, fun and beneficial exercises.  



Nailing your trampoline technique is a great start to prepare for the arrival of your Vuly trampoline! Practicing on the beach is a great next step to low impact exercise too, as sand absorbs some of that impact in a similar manner to the trampoline. Bring the beach trolley and friends, and get practicing on your jumps!

Exercises tailored for the trampoline involve utilising your core muscles and creating downward exertions. Performing a ‘straight jump’ is a great way to get warmed up, and this is simply bouncing on the spot for a 2-minute period whilst engaging the core. ‘Tuck jumps’, ‘pike jumps’, ‘split pike jumps’, and ‘hands and knee jumps’ are awesome goals to work toward as the required fitness and precision will keep you practicing.


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