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HER.holiday provides a one-stop-shop for women wanting to connect with like-minded women in the travel, health, relationship and adventure industries. Inspirational stories advocating women’s interests and issues, triumphs and challenges provide insight, encouragement and advocacy for all women.

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HER.holiday is an inspirational global community and digital platform bringing women together. We inspire and support one another. By women for women.
HER. is for women interested in:
If you have a story (or pitch) that fits a topic above, please review the rest of this page, then use the appropriate form to submit your idea.

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And please keep in mind:

You must have the right to use any image you include, and each image should include a caption. Make sure your graphics included actually support your point(s), and aren’t just there for decoration.
No selling of your product, please! Make the focus more about the value your post can impart, or simply the story itself.
Don’t send us content that you’ve already posted somewhere else. And definitely don’t copy someone else’s work.

Questions to ask yourself before submitting

Who’s your audience?

We publish content for creative professionals, agencies, and entrepreneurs who build websites and digital products. Your post should appeal to one or more of these audiences.

What will readers get out of your article? Why should they read it?

We publish content that’s useful and/or inspiring. Ideally, it’ll be both. If your article doesn’t educate or inspire creative pros, no shade, but it’s not for us.

How will readers act on your article?

What will readers do with what you teach them? Explain how they can put your tips into action.

Ready to submit?

We have two forms: one for blog article submissions and one for featured site submissions. Please make sure you submit to the correct one.

Please note: We only look at drafts in the form of Google Docs. And — although we wish we could chat with everyone — due to the volume of submissions we get, you’ll only hear back from us if we want to move forward.

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