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Thredbo Resort’s Yoga and Wellness Retreats offer high country yoga classes, mountain-top meditation and alpine cold-water therapy to recharge the mind, body and soul.


Thredbo Resort’s first yoga & wellness retreats have been enthusiastically received by women keen on nourishing their mind, body and soul within easy reach of Sydney. Set amongst nature and the wide-open spaces of the Snowy Mountains, each retreat includes yoga classes, mountain-top meditation, cold-water immersion therapy for a whole-body recharge.

Plus, there’s time for hiking the trails of Thredbo to add another element of outdoor pleasure during the retreat.

Thredbo Yoga & Wellness Retreat host Christina Harris said there has been big demand for Wellness Retreats with a growing number of people keen to swap beaches for the wide-open spaces offered in the mountains.
’Now more than ever, people are looking to recharge and reconnect with nature and the response to the retreats this year has been absolutely incredible. Everyone is keen to escape the hustle and bustle this summer and come here to breath in that beautiful fresh mountain air,’ Ms Harris said. 


The unique three-day Yoga & Wellness Retreats are led by Jane Corben of the Jindabyne Yoga Shala, who is highly regarded in the yoga world and has more than 40 years of experience on the mat.
Throughout the wellness weekend guests are treated to mountain top sunrise yoga, bucket-list hikes to Mt Kosciuszko, cold water immersion therapy in pristine rock pools and meditation amongst the snow gums.


‘By the end of the weekend you could really see the difference it made to guests with everyone walking away feeling refreshed and re-energised and saying how they couldn’t wait to tell all their friends about the retreats,’ Ms Harris said.
Thredbo hosts three Yoga & Wellness retreats up until March, taking a maximum of 12 people per retreat. people. The all-inclusive retreats include 3 nights’ accommodation, a scenic lift pass, activities and an all-inclusive meal plan prepared by Thredbo’s executive chef to ensure guests are fully nourished from the inside out. The program also includes lunch at Australia’s highest restaurant, Eagle’s Nest.
Retreats cost $1199 per person for the all-inclusive package and are run in accordance with Thredbo’s Covid-19 Safe Operating Plan.
More Information: Thredbo Yoga & Wellness retreat

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